Testing Your Car Battery Safely with a Voltmeter

Before you test the car battery, be sure you have a good pair of work gloves to protect your hands and protective eye-wear for working anywhere near the car battery. Once the car engine is off, open the hood and locate the battery compartment.

The voltmeter will have just two cables; a black is negative, and the red is the positive end. The red cable will connect to your car battery positive end first; then you can safely secure the black cable to the negative end of the battery.

Once the meter is on, the reading will fall in the 12.4 or above range if the car battery is in decent shape. The time to be concerned is when you see the reading at 12.2 or less; this is an indication it's failing.

Now you know your car battery strength, come by Mercedes-Benz of Santa Fe for a full charging system check-up today.



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