Your Engine's Cooling System Requires Maintenance in Order to Function Properly

Due to the intensity of the heat that your engine operates it requires its own cooling system in order to prevent it from overheating and causing lasting damage. But in order to keep your engine running correctly, you will need to perform periodic maintenance on your cooling system to keep that in good working order.

Over time you will notice the coolant in your radiator become dirty and less effective. Once that happens you will want to do a coolant flush to the system. This involves first draining and disposing of all of the old dirty fluid. A hose is then attached, and the system is power flushed with water. That will break loose and remove all of the remaining sludge and debris that may still be trapped inside. Finally, the system is refilled with new clean coolant.

If you think that your car, truck, or SUV is in need of a coolant flush, then bring it into our service center here at Mercedes-Benz of Santa Fe and let us perform one for you today.

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