Slow Down and Move Over in Santa Fe

If you have ever had to pull over to the side of the highway due to vehicle trouble or an emergency, you have no doubt appreciated drivers who were courteous enough to slow down and change lanes to make more safe room for you Not only were these drivers being considerate, but they were actually obeying the law. Here at Mercedes-Benz of Santa Fe, we care a lot about highway safety. Sadly, around 200 roadside workers are struck by oncoming vehicles each year.

Every state in the U.S. enforces what is commonly known as "Slow Down and Move Over Laws" to try to help combat this tragic statistic, including New Mexico. But as many as 71% of Americans have no idea these laws even exist. If you see roadside workers or emergency vehicles lending aid on the side of the highway, you are required by law to reduce your speed as you pass and change lanes if you can do so safely. Failure to do so can be punishable by fines.

So remember: slow down and move over!

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