Debunking Common Motor Oil Myths

All kinds of myths about motor oil abound. If you continue to believe in them, you could end up spending needless money. The technicians in the service department at Mercedes-Benz of Santa Fe are on top of the latest motor oil trends. Here is some of the latest information available.

If you switch to synthetic motor oil, switching back to regular oil won't harm your engine. A myth persists that once you go synthetic, you have to stay with it. Another myth about synthetic oil is that it causes leaks. When synthetics were first introduced 40 years ago, they often caused seals to shrink, thereby causing leaks to occur. Technology has changed that, so it's no longer a problem.

No matter what type of oil you use, don't fall prey to the myth that you don't need to change the filter every time. Our technicians will always change it during servicing.

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