How to Cure Motion Sickness Fast

Does riding in a car make you feel hot and dizzy? Your inner ear is probably to blame. Motion sickness occurs when your inner ear signals your brain that you're in motion, but your eyes tell a different story. In some cases, your brain interprets the mixed signals as you being poisoned. That's where the nausea comes in.

Dramamine is the leading OTC motion sickness cure. Take a few tablets before traveling, and you won't have to worry about getting sick. If you're looking for a homeopathic solution, try ginger, peppermint or an acupressure band. In severe cases, talk to your doctor about a prescription motion sickness medication.

If you left your Dramamine at home, focus your eyes on the horizon. Don't read or look down, and stay off of your phone. Roll down your window for fresh air and sip on a club soda to calm your stomach. If all else fails, try taking a nap to give your brain time to readjust.



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