What is Done for a Pre-Owned Mercedes Benz to Earn a Certificate?

If you are wondering what we at Mercedes-Benz of Santa Fe do to determine whether a vehicle deserves the designation of a certified pre-owned model, allow us to fill you in. There is a lot that we do in our inspection of our vehicles to make sure that you are getting something that is reliable. We also make sure that we are able to check up on our customers.

Among the things we do when we inspect the vehicle is check the exterior part of the vehicle so that we can catch any potential issues. We inspect the structure of the vehicle. We also look at the windows and make the needed adjustments.

We also work on the brake pads and rotors in order to make sure that they are reliable. Once we are done, we decide whether or not the vehicle has earned the certificate as a pre-owned vehicle. Then we make sure that we bring attention to the vehicle.



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