You didn't bring your car to the car wash, and now you need to pick someone up. The vehicle doesn't look all that great right now, but no problem. A quick cleaning fix can improve looks. You only need a few items from the local auto care shop.

There are lubricants and cleaners for the windows, body, and tires you should buy and keep in the garage. They can restore the vehicle's look to decent shape in little time. You'll have to hose and wipe the car, which doesn't require excessive effort.

Don't forget the interior, though. If you have trash and junk, get rid of it. Anything you can't throw out should go neatly in the trunk. Place things in a bag. Don't toss random, loose items in the trunk.

The nicest-looking vehicles are found at our showroom. Call up Mercedes-Benz of Santa Fe to ask about taking one or more out on a test drive.


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