It is essential to consider changing car oil when the right time comes. However, there are so many car owners driven by myths that no longer work for them. They were useful for the old models, but things are changing, and car engines have advanced. The below list talks about the various types of myths that people have followed up to date.

I changed my oil filter last time, and thus I don’t need a new one this time around.
It is essential to avoid silly mistakes because oil filters are rusted on removing grime, sludge, and dirt accumulated in the car engine. The more debris your filter removes, the worse it will perform. Therefore, you are required to replace it with a new one every time you are thinking about changing oils.

Bulk oil is different from the bottled oil.
?False. Bottled oil is the same quality as bulk oil. The only difference is that bottled oil is sold at a retail price.


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