When it comes to routine auto care, we tend to focus on the engine. While important, there's more to the car than the engines. All parts play a vital role in performance, which is why drivers shouldn't overlook anything. Car owners definitely shouldn't take their eyes and ears off a vehicle's braking system.

Brakes suffer from wear and tear due to constant use. In "stop and go traffic," the brakes experience a lot of use, which could wear them down quicker. Besides the part parts, be mindful of brake lines. They can rust or suffer other types of damage. Leaking brake lines could prove catastrophic.

Request a thorough brake inspection when you have your tires rotated. Doing so twice a year is common, but request a brake check if anything seems or sounds out of the ordinary.

Here at Mercedes-Benz of Santa Fe, we can help with brake repair and replacement. Our service department team is up for the job.


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