Here at Mercedes-Benz of Santa Fe, we get how much of a chore it might seem to clean your car's engine. However, this seemingly daunting task can be made easy with a few simple steps. While we won't cover every necessary step, we feel that it's necessary for any responsible vehicle owner to at least know a little bit about how to care for their car.

One big tip for cleaning an engine is to do it under opportune circumstances. A warm day with little to no humidity will help ensure your engine parts will dry off quickly, ensuring no harm comes about as a result of excess moisture. Another tip is to make sure you have all the right tools - there's nothing worse than starting out a job before finding out you can't do it just yet.

To learn more, contact one of representatives here at Mercedes-Benz of Santa Fe. We'd be happy to assist you with any servicing needs you might have.


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