A transfer case works as one of the components of a vehicle's drivetrain; it is made the likes of four-wheel-drive, all-wheel-drive, and similar forms of multi-powered axles found in different vehicles.

The purpose of a transfer case is to shift around the power between the transmission and either the front or rear axles of a vehicle thanks to the drive shafts implemented. The additional capability found from a transfer case includes synchronizing how different both the rotation made between both sets of tires works while also containing different amounts of low-range gears for any off-road use.

One way transfer cases work involves using a vehicle's gears, hydraulics, or even a chain drive. Sometimes, this is controlled by the vehicle's driver, with certain forms of vehicles like four-wheel-drive trucks and all-terrain models; the modes commonly used in vehicles, "two-wheel-drive" or "four-wheel-drive", are accessed with either a shifter or any kind of manual transmission.


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